New Year – New CV!

How to secure your dream job after the new year

When working within the catering and hospitality industry you can always count on a handful of important qualities that will forever be helpful to you. You’ll find that they can be used in different settings and still have a positive lasting effect.

We can show you how to use these ingredients when it comes to sprucing up your CV and get you ready for the new year and a new job!


No two people are the same, so make sure your CV says that!

You can help personalising your CV by writing up a personal statement or cover letter. This gives you a chance to introduce yourself to an employer before you meet them and tell them more about you away from your employment history. A personal statement should include all your best qualities and a description of what makes you an asset. You should clearly elaborate on your character but try not to get side-tracked on personal memories that may not be relevant to your employment industry. When you can, make sure to use words and phrases specific to your industry so your employer can see you understand the role but try your best not to use ‘I & me’ too often (No one likes a show-off). A few key things to include in a personal statement/ cover letter are a list of relevant skills and hobbies, however, try and be as brief as possible. If you can, try and keep you’re your personal statement to 2 short paragraphs maximum. Employers often don’t have the time to read through long winded cover letters so the compact and precise it is, the better.


“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”

Timing is important always, in your person life and within the workplace. Punctuality, time spent at a job and a chronological timeline history are all examples of where timing used within the workplace and recruiting process. You can make your CV more attractive whilst making it easier to read by having your employment history in chronological order. Starting from your most recent work experience at the top descending in order leading to your earliest job at the bottom. For example, a head chef would put his time as a kitchen porter at the bottom of his CV because that would often be at the beginning at his career. This makes it easier for employers to see your most recent experience and progression. Make sure to keep your cv up to date and show off how you’ve been spending you’re your time.


“Consistency and accuracy instils believability” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

Accuracy. Clarity. sureness. Precision. From the kitchen to cleaning cupboard, it’s always important to sure about what you’re doing and what you’re across the board. Things like Ingredients, detergents and equipment’s are handled with care and that’s how you should see your resume. Especially in the workplace. When writing over your CV make sure to clear and precise when giving a description of your time at a job. Keep it short and sweet to avoid your CV appearing too long or cluttered. Think of like adding salt to your recipe, too much salt and you ruin your dish. Too little and your end result may be a little bland.  Organization and layout also play an integral part in making your CV stand out so make sure not you have a tidy document. No need to worry about making up the perfect template, we’ve got some to help you get started!

3 Free CV Templates Available

What’s Included

  • CV Template with example headers and text
  • Microsoft Word format
  • Instructions in English

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  • Microsoft Word

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