UI – UX and Recruitment

UI – UX and Recruitment

The whole world is experiencing a technological revolution and the recruitment industry is no different. This article will briefly explain what UI and UX is and why it is important to the recruitment sector.

What is UI and UX?

Simply put UI stands for user interface. Practically this is represented by a series of screens, pages, and visual elements—like buttons and icons. All of which enable a person to interact with a product, service, platform, or website.

UX stands for user experience. This is the process of designing a digital platform or website, one that is  useful, easy to use and easy to engage with. The aim of UX is to enhance the experience that people have while interacting with your product or service.

As a rule, both UI and UX should be built and considered alongside one another. This is to ensure that the backend functionality compliments the front-end user experience.

Now that we have briefly explained what both these concepts are – let us look at how they be implemented across the recruitment industry.

UI – UX and Recruitment

In short, the aim and purpose of the recruitment sector is talent acquisition. Typically, hiring managers employ several different methods to attract talent, all of which have their own benefits & disadvantages. For example, most hiring managers – regardless of sector use job boards to recruit. These job boards can be their own platform (i.e. website) or a third-party platform, often the approach is to use as many platforms as possible to increase the reach and attention given to their vacancy. All of which makes sense, however there is one important aspect to attracting talent that is often neglected – and that is the UX and UI of job seekers.

Every job post should have the end user in mind, hiring managers should ask themselves how can I make this simpler, more accessible and quicker for my end user. For example, can I translate this job advert into multiple languages; can I reduce the steps required in the application process, can I personalise the experience. All of the examples given, if implemented correctly, will improve the performance of job adverts and thus improve your talent pipeline.

UI and UX will become increasingly important to the recruitment sector over the next few years. We have already seen a drastic shift of consumer attention from PC’s to mobile phones. More than half of all content consumed online is done on a mobile phone and this figure is increasing year on year. Yet not all company’s use a mobile friendly website & their application process is not designed with mobile phone users in mind. So, it may be time for the recruitment sector & hiring mangers to acknowledge this and adapt to it.

What effect will implementing UI & UX have of talent acquisition?

For start, you will have a boost in applications and engagement. This is because society values simplicity and ease of use. People want things done quickly and they want it done at the click of a button.

Over time you will save money. Because, if you increase the efficiency of your talent pipeline you will not have to rely on and subscribe to so many platforms to order to fill vacancies.

At SNS Recruitment our approach to recruitment is a simple. We are customer focused and customer driven.

This means we priorities the experience of our job seekers and we continually take steps to improve the application & recruitment process for them. Because of this, our agency has established an industry leading database of qualified and experienced catering & hospitality staff. All of which allows us to provide an exceptional service to the clients we work with.

Our ability to reach active & inactive job seekers is unrivalled. Our agency is consistently taking the steps necessary to become the ‘Go To’ recruitment agency in the catering & hospitality sector.

If you’re a hiring manager struggling to attract talent, I want you take a moment a pretend you were the candidate you are trying to attract. Think about what is likely to make you apply for this job. As long as you are customer focused & customer driven – you will also have a steady pipeline of talent!