Why you should continue recruiting during COVID-19

Why you should continue recruiting during COVID-19

At the moment, our country and the world is facing an unprecedented social and economic crisis, people are worried and businesses are struggling.

Considering our situation, it is understandable that hiring managers across multiple industries have suspended recruiting and have implemented a hiring freeze. Whilst this approach is common, it is by no means the best approach to take and here is why…

Your competition is still recruiting:

Your competitors are taking advantage of the current situation, they know that the lockdown cannot last forever and eventually business and life will return to normal.

They aim to hit the ground running and are taking the steps necessary to ensure that they have the infrastructure in place to meet the spike in demand that is approaching.

The best way to recruit during COVID

Be open and honest; explain that the recruitment process will not be in the traditional form that candidates are used too and that it will be much longer than usual.

Be clear that the intended start date for the role is sometime in the future and explain why your currently unable to give an exact date. If hiring managers are transparent with job seekers, they tend to be very understanding.

Both parties benefit in this situation, employers have candidates ready to start when lock-down ends, and candidates have a job to look forward too.