How to Survive Brexit 2020

How to Survive Brexit 2020

With only a few weeks to go until we all wave goodbye to 2019, it’s worth considering the current catering and hospitality market in light of Brexit 2020.

Brexit has brought instability and confusion to the UK and this still lingers all around the country, businesses and restaurants continue to worry about the implications that crashing out of the EU may bring.

The general consensus amongst Hiring managers within the catering & hospitality sector is that they feel stuck in Limbo. This is because a large proportion of their workforce consist of European people, who are allowed to work and reside in the UK Freely under EU Law. However with Brexit looming, it’s unclear what will happen to all the European Nationals currently working and how migration of skilled workers will be affected.  

This lack of clarity creates an unpredictable market, leaving many within the industry plagued with an endless stream of questions and no answers.

We all want to know the following:

→ Will Brexit have an impact our economy and consumer spending?

→ Will Brexit increase staff shortages?

→ Will Brexit make food produce & products more expensive?

Although we’re no closer to getting any answers for the questions above, businesses within our sector can implement some of the following suggestions to ensure that they survive the impact of Brexit.

As it’s important that we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We can’t control the outcome of Brexit, but we can take steps to address the questions above.

  • Economy and consumer spending

Firstly, it must be stated that consumer spending and the economy’s performances is largely outside of your control. However there are steps you can take to ensure your business survives the economic storm of Brexit.

You must make marketing & advertising a top priority. Try to come up with new & innovative ways to promote your business.

Create marketing campaigns that allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Some suggestions:

  1. Seasonal menus, or themed events – With a focus on attracting new traffic and customers
  2. Implement coupons or loyalty cards to encourage repeat business
  3. Adopt a referral scheme to help spread word of mouth.
  4. Double down on your Niche and what makes you different – Embrace it!
  • Staff Shortages

Great staff who add value to your business can be extremely hard to find. The staff you employ are an extension of your brand and will have an impact on your customer’s experience.

Therefore is essential to have the best people for the job, with all the uncertainty of Brexit, Severe staff shortages is a possibility. To ensure you’re prepared for this you want to identify agencies like ours who are able to provide you with on demand cover staff.

It’s important when choosing an agency that you select one who specialises within or is experienced in your sector.

For example, our agency specialises in supplying Catering & Hospitality staff to the following:

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Care Homes

→ All of whom possesses DBS Certificates and the necessary Training to work within these organisations.

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Gastro Pubs
  • Event Caterers

→ We have a variety of staff experienced in a range of different cuisines and who can provide all types of dining experiences.

Furthermore, to protect your business against staff shortages you want to create a talent pipeline, so your business is continually attracting great candidates – The key to this is brand awareness. A lot of companies struggle with this, if you’re one of them, then maybe we can help.

We assist companies in hiring permanent staff by making use of our industry leading database & by creating tailored campaigns for businesses – helping them to recruit the best available talent.

  • Food produce & product cost

According to statistics published by the Global Foods Security arounds 29% of all food consumed in the UK is imported from the EU alone. Meaning 29% of our food and produce currently being imported is at risk of price increases and delays during negotiations and tariff discussions.

One way you can combat this is to speak with your current suppliers to ascertain whether Brexit could impact them and their ability to supply you at the current rates moving forward.

Take precautions and identify alternative suppliers local to you, who provide British grown produce and British manufactured goods. This is because they’re products & produce will not be impacted by any import taxes or trade deals still in discussion. Use this time to test their service or produce.

Hopefully we’ve given you some valuable tips & steps that you can take to limit any impact Brexit will have on your business.

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