How we recruit for you

Broken down into 3 simple steps

1. Discovery 

2. Selection 

3. Placement 

1. Discovery  – First we take the time to understand your business and its exact needs.

Noting your time scales – to determine when you need staff by so we can meet your deadlines.

We aim to capture your businesses culture and vision, discovering as much as we can about your company to allowing us to select suitable candidates – ensuring both our candidates and clients are in sync and are happy. 

2. Selection – Using the information gathered, we create a tailored recruitment campaign for you.

The campaigns purpose is to identify those must suited to your business – finding candidates who possess the necessary experience and qualifications to meet your specific requirements. 

Our campaign is designed to engage with both active and inactive job seekers, using our own database and industry specific knowledge to find you top talent.

3. Placement – We determine suitable applicants by conducting our own interviews with all candidates either in person or over the phone.

Briefing applicants on the specifics of both your business and the vacancy. We conduct checks on candidates employment history and were necessary may request DBS disclosures for applicants before putting them forward for consideration.

We thoroughly vet our shortlisted applicants – ensuring right to work eligibility and that all legal and industry requirements are complied with.

Upon applicants passing the screening process we refer candidates to our clients for interviews, temporary placements and trial shift consideration.

Feedback from both client and candidate is essential to ensuring harmony and happiness from each party.

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