3 changes you can make to improve your job post

Attract Top Talent to your restaurant, hotel or bar.

1 Capture your company’s culture.

When attempting to recruit top talent, conveying your organisations culture and working environment is essential to attracting the best candidates.

The job description should introduce your company in a way that reflects the unique and welcoming aspects of your business. Emphasize on what makes your company a great place to work and don’t hesitate to be creative.  

Larger companies such as Facebook and Apple do this extremely well. When creating recruitment campaigns they focus not just on the positions they’re recruiting for, but instead they advertise what makes them a great employer in comparison to others.

For example if you’re a hiring manager at a restaurant recruiting for a sous chef, you may want to focus on the creative freedom that they will have whilst working for you. Clearly state that you want a chef who can deliver all the dishes on your current menu and someone you will be experimental in creating new mouth-watering dishes. As the best chefs will take pride in their work & have a passion for creating and experimenting with food.

You may also wish to promote any company norms which you implement that helps with the work life balance of your chefs or staff. This is particularly important as chefs and other catering & hospitality staff work consist long hours. So any company Schemes you have that rewards back to back double shifts with additional days off or rota preferences may be very appealing to candidates.

2 Job title / headings

It may sound simple or even obvious to say that an employer need to be mindful when choosing a job title for their adverts. But nonetheless the title you choose has important practical consequences.

The aim when advertising a job is to reach as many people as possible, to increase the amount of applicants you receive per post and in doing so improving the quality of candidates you consider.

To do this your advert must be one that is guaranteed to be viewed by the type of candidates you intend to attract. As such you want to be clear in your choice of title. Keep it simple and avoid the use of jargon. As jargon doesn’t give candidates a clear picture of the role.

You should always aim to use industry recognised job titles for your adverts and where a particular role has several different names within the industry, or there is a common misconception of the differences between roles. Take note of this and consider which title may yield the best response for you.

For Example:

  • Chef De Partie & Line Chef are used interchangeably.
  • There’s a common misconception between a Chef De Cuisine, Head chef and an Executive chef.

3 Make your job ad accessible.

This is especially important when posing your job advert on your company website. You must take into account SEO optimisation for the job post. Without getting too technical, this essentially enables your job post to be found by search engines.

To help make your job advert accessible to your ideal candidate, you want to include the position and location in the pages URL. This will aid your jobs discoverability to candidates using search engines like Google to find job opportunities.

Furthermore your website should be responsive to mobile phones. With the majority of web traffic being from mobile phones this is essential to making your job advert discoverable. As candidates often search for opportunities whilst on the go. If your site is not compatible with mobile phones you are at a huge disadvantage.