Common recruiting challenges

Common recruiting challenges, why they happen & what you can do about it.

Employers seeking to recruit top talent for their organisations can often get frustrated at the little progress they seem to be making.

To truly understand how you can improve the results you’re receiving when you recruit, you must first identify the problems you face. There are 3 main factors which often negatively impact the recruitment process for an employer.

Population size

The larger the population, the greater the response that you will receive for your job advert. Employers have no control over this element, yet being able to reach a large portion of the public is crucial to filling your vacancy quickly and acquiring the best talent.

Population size will vary depending on where your business is located and tends to reduce significantly as you exit large cities.

Transport links / accessibility

The accessibility of your business will determine whether applicants will be able to commit long term to working for you. If your business is located near or around good transport links then it will be ideal for the average commuter. If it is not, then you should always emphasize any parking facilities at your establishment, or whether there is cheap or free parking in the surrounding areas. This will however limit your potential candidate pool to those who drive or are willing to undergo lengthy travel times to and from work every day.

Applicant behaviour

With job boards offering features such as a ‘one click apply’ systems, there is no need for candidates to read the full job description. Therefore a large portion of the applicants you receive will have applied based off of the job title, salary and location. Candidates adopt the rationale that the more jobs they apply for the more likely they are to be successful. Which is true, so candidates tend to scroll through job boards and click on every vacancy which offers the ‘one click apply’ feature. The result being employers receive several applicants who are not qualified or experienced enough for the position.

What can you do?

The best way for an employer to deal with these challenges is to create a tailored recruitment campaign for their vacancy. This requires a lot of time, effort and resources however it is the most effective way to find & hire Top talent.

The first step will be to identify your target candidate pool, including active and passive job seekers. Initially you want to focus on local talent to reduce applicants later dropping out of the recruitment process due to travelling or commuting issues.

The next step will be identifying the means of delivery, i.e. what platforms you intend to use to communicate with your target.

At which point you will need to start vetting your applicants, reviewing their experience & employment history. Deciding on whether or not you will need to expand or refine your search to obtain your desired candidate.

In short finding & hiring top talent can be difficult, which is why our clients contact us to assist them in filling their permanent vacancies. We handle every step of the recruitment process, from start to finish and provide result based service. I.e. No placement – No fee.

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