Struggling to get candidates to turn up to interviews?

Candidates not showing for interviews.

The last few years have seen restaurant managers and HR departments face a new challenge. A challenge that is unexpected and difficult to deal with. This challenge is candidates failing to turn up for interview and / or trial shifts with companies.

Recently the catering & hospitality industry is experiencing frequent drop outs of candidates during the interview & hiring stages of their recruitment process.

The question is why is this happening and what can you do to reduce this?

Firstly, it must be stated that there are a number of factors which may contribute to these recent trends. One undoubtable factor is technological advances – The internet age has brought us many benefits; we’re closer than ever and able to communicate with one another more frequently and easier than ever before in human history. However a negative implication of technology is the tendency of its users to be quite hasty.

Technology has made life easier in every aspect for us, and the recruitment industry is no different. Due to the advances in technology Job seekers can now apply for multiple vacancies in seconds, taking little note of the job description, the required experience or even the location. The era of smart phones means that job seekers are constantly applying on the go.

Unfortunately this means that a large proportion of the applications you receive for your job posting are from job seekers who have not read the details within your job description.

It also means that employers tend to receive a lot of applications from unqualified & inexperienced candidates – making it difficult to find a candidate worth interviewing. Unfortunately for employers once they manage to find such a candidate, they tend to be unaware of ever applying for that job – unaware of the details, the salary and the location of the business. This can sometimes lead to candidates accepting interviews over the phone and just not turning up once they’ve actually had a chance to read up on the details or location of the position.

Furthermore, the catering and hospitality industry is extremely competitive. Exceptional candidates are in high demand and often have several offers at the same time. Meaning employers who have longer recruitment process tend to lose out of the best candidates, as by the time they are ready to interview candidates they have already began a new job.

What can you do to ensure your candidates turn up for interviews and trial shifts?

  1. Make it attractive – this is especially the case in relation to trail shifts. The expectation that high class chefs will come to your business and complete 6 – 8 hour trial shifts (unpaid) is somewhat unrealistic. Make the time of your trial shifts shorter (especially if unpaid) or alternatively instead of a trial shift require a meal prep & have an extended probation period in your employment contracts.
  2. Speed up your recruitment process – some establishments can take several weeks (on average up to 12) to fill a vacancy. This is far too long, not to mention the strain the vacant position puts on the rest of your workforce.
  3. conduct proper telephone interviews before arranging face to face interviews – this is essential to reduce confusion and ensure that your candidates are fully aware of the position your recruiting for.
  4. Outsource your recruitment – when doing so be sure to use a specialist agency such as us. We are catering & hospitality recruiters, meaning we’re industry experts with the specific function of finding you top talent to hire. Below is short video of our recruitment service, if you’d like to know more about how we can help you fill your vacancies, click the button below.
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