How effective are job boards?

How effective are job boards?

2 reasons why job boards are failing

The answer to this question often depends on the position you are recruiting for. If you are recruiting for highly skilled or management level positions, job boards tend Not to be effective. Here’s why:

1. Candidate behaviour:

A range of factors have rendered job boards ineffective for highly skilled or management positions. One being the recent trend in candidate behaviour.

Currently, most job boards offer features such as a one click apply system. Allowing job seekers to apply for jobs based on just the salary, location and the title. Job seekers can apply without reading the description and often apply for multiple jobs instantly. Taking the approach that the more the better to increase their odds for success.

The result of this has been that employers consistently receive applications from candidates who are not qualified for the positions they applied for.

2. Job board packages

Many job boards offer a variety of packages. They all tend to offer a standard posting service & a premium posting service. The difference being the level of exposure your job advert will receive. On average when using the standard posting service your position can receive 10 – 16 applications before your post expires.

Due to the recent one click application system, the likelihood of you receiving qualified and experienced applicants for your vacancies is therefore very low. This of course works in the job boards favour, as employers are forced to renew their job adverts – over and over again.

Job boards operate on an upfront payment – no guarantee basis. Therefore employers seeking to fill highly skilled positions often spend a lot more than initially envisaged to try an fill their vacancies.

What should you do?

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