4 Reasons to use a Recruiter in your Job Search

1. Recruiters save you time.

Be honest, how many hours do you spend looking for a job a day. Half an hour? An hour a day? Well however long it is, recruiters spend the entire day searching for job opportunities for you. That’s at least 8 hours a day dedicated to finding you a job.

2. Experts in a particular field

Recruiters like us, tend to be specialist in a particular field. We’re experts within the catering & hospitality sector. Meaning we have an intimate knowledge of our candidates career expectations. We know how our candidates careers progress over time & can put forward promotion opportunities at the perfect time.

We’re aware of the high pressure & demanding nature of our jobs, such as a Sous chef or Restaurant manager . And know the importance of ensuring that our candidates find the right working environment to deal with these pressures & truly enjoy their jobs.

3. Recruiters help you through the process.

Good recruiter, like our consultants strives to provide the best candidates to their clients.

So we help prepare you for interviews and negotiate the best salaries for our candidates so they truly feel valued.

We keep you informed every step of the way, whilst maintaining regular contact to offer a personal service. With SNS Recruitment, you have a team of consultants seeking employment on your behalf.

4. Nothing to lose, everything to Gain

We don’t charge our candidates for the time we spend seeking employment for them. Essentially all of our candidates have a team of dedicated consultants working round the clock to find them the very best & highest paying jobs.

Submitting your CV to our agency is therefore more valuable than signing up to any job board.

Even if we don’t find you that perfect job in a week of receiving your CV. You never know when you will receive that call – with that offer that you’ve been waiting for.