Benefits of using our agency

Mistakes employers often make

1. Advertising Cost

Employers tend to make the mistake of only looking at the short term and most obvious cost of associated with recruiting, such as the price to advertise on a job board.

However by doing so you fail to account for other, less obvious cost of having a vacant position. Such as the the loss of additional businesses a vacant role creates, a potential reduction in the quality of service provided and the long term implications this may have on your brand. In addition another long term cost often overlooked is the cost of replacing candidates who you do not retain.

Currently the top 3 job boards are charging £250 plus to advertise a single job on their platform for 28 days. This cost comes with no guarantees and states an average of 10 – 16 applications per position.

2. Investing with no guarantees

There is no guarantee that any of the applicants you receive when positing on job boards will have the necessary experience for your vacancy. Nor is it guaranteed that the applicants who do apply are genuinely interested.

This because during this modern age job seekers often apply for several positions instantly, not based upon their job descriptions but rather just the salary and location.

As a result, the applications you receive tend to be unqualified or inexperienced for the role you’re advertising for. The biggest mistake employers can make in this situation is to compromise on the quality of staff that they are looking for. As this will only harm your business in the long term.

3. Compromising standards or On going vacant positions?

More often than not employers continue an unsuccessful job advert- hoping the right person will eventually apply.

The down side of this method is that each month your expenses for recruiting gradually increases.

This gradual increases in cost slowly temps you to lower your recruiting standards. As having an ongoing vacant position can often be harmful to your business. It may prevent you from meeting customer expectation or coping with an increase demand for business.

Either option is detrimental, but these aren’t your only two options when it comes to recruiting.

How we save you money

No Placement – No Fee service

By using our service you don’t pay anything unless we successfully fill your vacancy. This means there is no down side for employers contacting us to assist them in filling their vacant positions.

We pay to advertise your vacancy across multiple job boards and platforms. In addition we also have our own large database of catering and hospitality candidates seeking employment. Our approach to recruiting is simple but very effective.

We create a tailored recruiting campaign for your business, based upon your specific needs and requirements. We then advertise excessively for your vacancies, reaching active and in-active job seekers. We can contact thousands of candidates instantly and directly. As such we receive a better response than any job board could.

We refuse to compromise on quality, our focus after advertising is shortlisting the best talent for you to consider. We don’t bombard you with CV’s – instead we focus on quality and not quantity. As it’s our job to search through the crowds of applicants and simplify the recruiting process for you.

You have a dedicated team of consultants working for you

You don’t waste your time going through countless CV’s. Instead you can spend your time focusing on your business. We take care of everything!

  1. We shortlist top talent for you.
  2. Request references for candidates you’re interested in.
  3. Conduct pre – interviews with all our shortlisted candidates.
  4. Arrange interviews with you and our candidates.
  5. Make offers and/or rejections to candidates.

One payment, with many guarantees

No placement – No Fee, our fee is contingent on successfully placing your candidates.

This entitles you to months of protection, meaning that if your chosen candidate leaves employment or you are not happy with your choice – we replace them for free.

Furthermore, if we are unable to find you a suitable replacement you’re entitled to a rebate of the fee paid.